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EI topics

Does EI pays for statutory holiday when travel outside of Canada?

If you are traveling outside of Canada during statutory holiday, you are not entitle to those day’s EI benefit payment. For example, if you are outside of Canada on Victoria Day Monday, it will still deduct a day from your EI weekly payment, even if it’s a holiday. It doesn’t seems too logical, but that’s...

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Studying / Going to school while on EI

It is not a problem to receive EI benefits while studying as long as you have demonstrated the following: You must show that you are unemployed, able and willing to work and actively looking for suitable work. You must show, without a doubt, that taking a course is not an obstacle to your active job...

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Common reasons why you have not received your EI payments and processing delay

Here are some of the most common reasons why people do not receive their EI payments. You have reached the end of your claim entitlement weeks, which means you have received all the benefits weeks you were entitled to. You may verify this information by login into your My Service Canada Account. If you still...

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How to easily speak to EI call centre agent

Call Instructions Service Canada EI call centre phone number: 1-800-206-7218 A way to quickly reach to a call centre agent is through the following steps: Once you called in and listened to the system message, press 1 for English or 2 for French. You will hear a general EI message (female voice). Wait until the...

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How to appeal EI overpayment?

If you disagree with an EI overpayment, you may complete the Request for Reconsideration form to appeal the overpayment amount only. You have within 30 days from the day you received your decision letter to launch your appeal. If you do not agree with your appeal decision, you make file your re-appeal to the Social...

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How to properly fill a Record of Employment?

How to properly fill a ROE for employee In many circumstances, your employee’s EI benefits will suffer some delay during application because of missing or illegible information on the ROE. A properly filled ROE can help EI office to process claimant’s claim in a timely manner.  Here are the most common mistake employers make on...

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How to call EI call centre from outside of Canada

If you are outside of Canada and you would like to call EI call centre, the 1-800-206-7218 number will not work outside of North America. The only few ways to reach them is by using either Skype or any internet voice service providers that provide free 1-800 number call service. For more info, please refer to...

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How to stop/cancel my EI claim?

If you have found a new permanent job and would like to stop your current EI claim, unfortunately you may not be able to stop the claim through your My Service Canada Account (MSCA). Here are 2 ways to end the claim early. You may declare that you have found a full-time work at your...

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How to renew / re-activate my EI claim

Renewing an EI claim The claim renewal process is the same procedure as when you apply your first EI application online. There is no option for you to choose if you want to re-activate your EI claim. You will have to complete the exact same online questionnaire, the only difference this time is that you...

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EI claim processing wait time (latest 2023 update)

Latest EI claim processing timeframe *NEW Follow-up the status of your EI claim (a.k.a Callback) A callback request is sent by call centre agent when EI claimant tries to follow-up the status of their delayed EI claim. You must allow up to 5 business days after the date your request was initiated, for someone from processing office to...

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Am I allow to quit / resign work to attend school

You may be qualified for Regular EI benefits if you have voluntarily quit your job to attend an approved training course(s) referred by an authorized employment counselor or officer (e.g. Employment Ontario career counselor). Or else, you will be considered as voluntarily left your job therefore be disqualified for EI. Please refer to your provincial Ministry...

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2023 Remembrance Day Employment Insurance payment delay

The Federal Government Service Canada Employment Insurance office (call centre and in-person) will be closed to the general public on the Remembrance Day holiday, Monday, November 13th, 2023.  All EI claimants (regular or special) will experience an EI benefits payment direct deposit delay of one or two business days. Please ensure to plan yourself accordingly...

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Can I take vacation while on EI?

Can I travel within or outside Canada while on EI? Yes, you can! Unlike many rumors out there that say you are not allowed to go on vacation, you are permitted to do so as long as you declare in your EI report that you are “away” or “not available to look for work”. By...

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How severance pay affects my EI payment —

When should I apply my EI if I received a severance package from my company? If you have received a severance package, make sure you know if it’s a lump sum payment or you are on salary continuance. In a situation where you received a lump sum payment, you will most likely receive your ROE...

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Do I qualify EI if I still work in a part-time job? —

  Many people have asked if they can still be qualified for employment insurance benefit if they have been separated from their main job or one of the two jobs they worked. Under current regular E.I. rule, a person must have  7 consecutive days of separation from work to qualify for regular E.I. Therefore, the answer...

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 Record of Employment

The Record of Employment (ROE) is the single most important document in Employment Insurance. Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) uses the information on the ROE to determine whether a person qualifies for EI benefits, the benefit rate and the duration of the claim. The ROE also plays an important role in controlling the misuse of EI funds. A ROE must be issued even if the employee has no intention of filing a claim for EI benefits.

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