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Affordability Payments Alberta

Program description

The Government of Alberta is committed to helping Albertans with the rising cost of inflation and is introducing a new Inflation relief benefit for those who qualify. This program pay existing clients on AISH, Income Support, PDD, Seniors and Families with children under 18 with a one time benefit of $600 to be paid out over a six month period.

Who is eligible

There are three different groups that have the payments available to them.

  • Families with household incomes under $180,000 can apply for $600 per child under 18.
  • Seniors with household incomes under $180,000 who do not receive the Alberta Seniors Benefit can apply for $600 per person.
  • Anyone receiving monthly benefits through AISH, Income Support, Alberta Seniors Benefit or services through Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) will automatically get their personal $600 payment.

How to apply

The application will determine your eligibility in two simple steps. The first step will ask some basic questions about your household details and determine if you are eligible to proceed to the second step. The second step will require a Verified Alberta.ca Account. If you do not have a Verified Alberta.ca Account the application will redirect you to the Verified Alberta.ca Account Create account page. Once you have your Verified Alberta.ca Account you will use that to sign in and complete this emergency benefit application. Please have your SIN ready for yourself and if applicable your spouse/partner to complete the application.

Once you have established you are eligible for the payments, you will need a MyAlberta account.

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