If you have started an E.I. claim between January 4, 2015 and the present in one of the 15 economic regions identified for extended benefits and have received at least one week of regular benefits, you may be eligible for an additional of 5 weeks of benefits and up to an extra of 20 weeks of regular E.I. benefits if you have been identified as a long tenured workers.

These benefits will be available for one year, starting in July 2016, and will apply to anyone who started a claim for regular E.I. benefits on or after January 4, 2015, and is still unemployed.

The fifteen hardest-hit economic regions have been identified in the list below.

  • Edmonton;
  • Southern Saskatchewan;
  • Southern Interior British Columbia;
  • Northern Alberta;
  • Nunavut;
  • Whitehorse;
  • Newfoundland/Labrador;
  • Sudbury;
  • Northern Manitoba;
  • Northern Saskatchewan;
  • Calgary;
  • Southern Alberta;
  • Northern British Columbia;
  • Northern Ontario; and
  • Saskatoon.

To find you if you are qualified for additional benefit weeks, click here.

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