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You may be qualified for Regular EI benefits if you have voluntarily quit your job to attend an approved training course(s) referred by an authorized employment counselor or officer (e.g. Employment Ontario career counselor). Or else, you will be considered as voluntarily left your job therefore be disqualified for EI.

Please refer to your provincial Ministry of Education to find out more about training programs that’s available in your province.

Money received during EI

If your training approval authority provides training allowances (e.g. child care reimbursement) the money you received does not consider as earnings, therefore you do not need to report it. However, all other part-time earnings must be reported.

What if I’m sick during training period?

If you have fall sick during your regular EI period and did not attend school for those sick days, you may simply declare it on your bi-weekly report. If your sickness is prolonged, you need to contact EI call centre to convert your claim from regular to sickness benefits. Make sure to inform your training provider for the change of status.