If you have lost your job due to the wild fires, you must apply to EI right away even without your employer issuing a ROE. Service Canada can create a temporary ROE if EI application is able to provide sufficient work wages and hours details during the application. Clients are encouraged to complete the Request for Record of Employment form in the meantime.

When filing your wild fire related EI application, you may use the following EI Reference code in your online application.

Alberta 4812-01-4812-201800
B.C. 5986-01-5986-598600
Manitoba & Sask. 4317-01-4317-431700
Territories 4813-01-4813-481300

It is strongly suggested to use direct deposit for your EI payment instead of mail delivery cheque. For more information, you may call EI call centre at 1-800-206-7218.