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Receiving EI while vacationing inside or outside of Canada

Generally speaking, you are not eligible to receive regular benefits while you are away from Canada or your area of residence. However, under special situations, you may still receive regular EI benefits if you show that you are available for work in Canada while away and you have informed Service Canada that you will be away temporarily.

You can be outside Canada for a period of 7 consecutive days for the purpose of:

  • attending the funeral of a member of your immediate family or a close relative;
  • accompanying a member of your immediate family to a medical facility, provided that the treatment sought is not readily available in the family member’s area of residence in Canada;
  • visiting a member of your immediate family who is seriously ill or injured; or
  • attending a bona fide job interview.

You can be paid for EI benefits while away from Canada for a period of 14 consecutive days for the purpose of conducting a bona fide job search.

If you indicate that you have taken measures to be reached if an employment opportunity presents itself during your absence and that you are able to return to Canada within 48 hours, Service Canada will accept that you have proven your availability.

Please do keep in mind that by declaring your availability while outside of Canada, the system will pause your claim for assessment. You will experience an interruption in your EI benefits up to 21 days.

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