Will I receive a higher EI weekly benefits if low income?

Yes. If Service Canada determines that your net family income is $25,921 or lower per year, and you have children, and that you or your spouse receives the Canada Child Tax Benefit, you are considered a member of a low-income family. Therefore, you may be eligible to receive the EI Family Supplement.

The amount of E.I. Family Supplement is calculated based on a few factors:

  • your net family income (up to the $25,921 yearly maximum); and
  • the number of children in your family,
  • children’s ages.

The Family Supplement may increase your benefit rate to as high as 80% of your average insurable earnings. If you and your spouse are claiming EI benefits at the same time, only one of you can receive the Family Supplement top up. It is usually better for the spouse with the lower benefit rate to receive the Family Supplement.

If your income level rises, the Family Supplement gradually decreases. You are no longer eligible to receive the Family Supplement when your net family income is greater than $25,921.

How is Family Supplement calculated?

You family supplement is added based on your current Canada Child Benefit (CCB) qualifying period. Keep in mind that CCB qualifying period is from July to June of each calendar year and this benefit is calculated based on the previous tax year’s income. For example, your July 2017 to June 2018 CCB is calculated based on 2016 income tax income. In this case, you will only see family supplement added to your EI weekly benefits within this period. Once passed June, the family supplement will be re-calculated again based on the following year’s income tax amount, in this case 2017.