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It was created to provide general EI information only.


Please keep in mind that you are to report any earning you made while collecting your EI weekly benefits. You must report the weekly gross income (amount before EI / CPP / Fed Tax deduction).

You may use the reporting calendar sheet provided by Service Canada to help you track your weekly earning. You must record your earning from Sunday to Saturday format.

To learn how to properly declare your EI report. Click here

How to use the reporting calendar

  1. Record the number of full and partial hours (Hours) you worked and your earnings before deductions (Earns) for each day of the week, from Sunday to Saturday.
  2. Add and round your hours and earnings and enter the results in the “Total to report” row. Report only full hours in this box. For example, if you worked 38 hours and 15 minutes in a week, enter 38 hours. If you worked 38 hours and 45 minutes, enter 38 hours. When reporting your earnings for each calendar week (Sunday to Saturday), round to the nearest dollar. For example if your earnings were $125.49, enter $125. If your earnings were $125.50, enter $126.
  3. Record the due date of your next report in the “Date next report is due” row.


Please visit Service Canada website to download PDF print copy and for details information.