Before you can apply to CERB, you must make sure you have access to either CRA Account or My Service Canada Account.
You may find out how to register your CRA account through our post:

How to register my CRA Account (click here)

CERB Application – Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Log into CRA account through – (You may copy/paste the link in a new browser to access CRA Account sign-in page)

If you are unable to access CRA account directly, you may try to access it through My Service Canada Account. Due to high volume of traffic, you may experience intermittent service disruptions.

Step 2

Once you have logged into your CRA account, you will find the COVID-19: Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) application on top of your main page blue notification box.

Click “Apply”.

Step 3

At the Eligibility page, you will have to read over the eligibility criteria and select the entitlement period in the drop down menu.

Click “Next”

Note: You are required to re-apply to CERB every 4 weeks. Below are the upcoming qualification period until the current expecting end date of the program.

Step 4

Once you have made a selection of your CERB entitlement period, you will be prompted to the Certification page where it ask you to put a check mark to confirm you have met the program requirement.

Click the check “mark box” and click “Next”

Step 5

The final step is to confirm your direct deposit information. If you already have your tax return direct deposit to your bank account, please ensure the banking information is correct. If your banking information is incorrect, you may update it by clicking the “update direct deposit” link. You will receive your payment within 3 business days.

Click you have “confirmed the information is correct” checkbox and click “Submit”

Step 6

Once you have finalized your CERB application, you will see the Confirmation page. You may return to your CRA account main page or “start another application”.


Start your CERB Application
(You will be re-directed to CRA Account at