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Your obligation to complete EI bi-weekly report

Once you have completed your Employment Insurance benefits online application. You will receive an Access Code, by mail, within 1-2 weeks of your application date. The Access Code letter will instruct you to complete a bi-weekly report online or by telephone. You will have to log into Service Canada online reporting website (Canada.ca) to find out your first reporting date. Not completing you report on time will result in disqualification of your EI benefits and you will have to re-apply again to be back on EI benefits and may lose your benefits weeks.

Please ensure to complete your report while waiting for your claim to be finalized. You have to keep doing your report to keep your claim in an active status. You will be paid retroactively for the weeks you have completed your reports. First week of your EI claim is considered a “waiting period” which is a none paid week. You don’t have to wait until Saturday to complete your online report? You may complete your EI report as early as Friday. You may log into My Service Canada Account to view the status of your claim.

If you have lost or did not received your Access Code letter, make sure to call or visit Service Canada centre to received a temporary access code. Then, make sure to use EI automated phone system to change your access code to permanent one.

You may also choose to complete your EI report through the automated telephone service by calling 1-800-206-7218 and select EI reporting option in the automated menu.


How to complete your Regular EI report – Step by step

Access the online reporting site at Canada.ca: https://srv265.hrdc-drhc.gc.ca/interdec/ouverturedesession-login/ouverturedesession-login.aspx?lang=eng

Enter your SIN (no space), your 4 digits access code (received by mail) and choose your province of residence. Then click “Continue”.

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