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Please be advised that this site is not affiliated with the Service Canada office.
It was created to provide general EI information only.


Uploading through MSCA

You may upload supporting document(s) for your EI application through My Service Canada Account (MSCA). But first, you have to make sure you have an active MSCA account. If it is your first time registering the online account, you must make sure you have access to Verified.Me with participating financial institutions or you need to request a Personal Access Code (PAC) with Service Canada either by phone, mail or in-person. For more detail, visit our post How to Register MSCA.

You can upload supporting documents related to a claim for Employment Insurance benefits, including:

  • medical certificates and forms;
  • paper records of employment;
  • other proof of employment;
  • a request for a missing record of employment;
  • proof of authorization to work in Canada.

To avoid processing delays, file your application for benefits before submitting your documents. You can scan or take pictures of your documents. My Service Canada Account accepts the following image formats: BMP, GIF, JPG/JPEG, PDF and PNG. File size must be smaller than 5 MB.

Do not upload encrypted or password-protected files. The system will automatically rejects them.

When taking pictures of your documents, you must:

  • find a bright place;
  • lay the document on a flat surface;
  • include one document per picture.

Once documents are uploaded, keep the original document for 6 years in case we require it later. You can save or print the confirmation page for your records.

If you have more documents to upload, you can do so at any time.

Other options to submit your supporting document(s)

If you do not have access to the online account (MSCA), your alternative options are:

  1. Mail your supporting document to the dedicated EI processing office based on your postal code. 
  2. Drop-off at local Service Canada centre. This is the preferred option as if the document is urgently needed by the processing agent, the centre’s agent can scan the document into your file for you. 
  3. EI processing office does not have Fax service. It is only in very special circumstances that the EI processing agent will provide their branch’s fax number for client to fax their document(s).


Step by step instruction

Step 1

Log into your MSCA through Canada.ca website. Once you have logged into your MSCA account, click Employment Insurance box and scroll down the page to find Document upload section.

Step 2

Click on Submit document button to upload your file(s).

Step 3

This steps will ask you to select the type of document you are about to upload.

If you are uploading your paper ROE, make sure to select “Information regarding an employer”

If you are submitting a work permit, make sure to select “Proof of authorization to work in Canada”

Step 4

This section is only to remind you that you must ensure you have filed your EI application before uploading any supporting documents. This is to ensure the document you submit will be properly attached to a claim under processing.

You will then be ask to select the documents you are about to submit. Make sure all documents can be read properly in the image. You will then receive a confirmation that your document has been successfully uploaded.

You may view your uploaded document in MSCA.