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If you are traveling outside of Canada during statutory holiday, you are not entitle to those day’s EI benefit payment. For example, if you are outside of Canada on Victoria Day Monday, it will still deduct a day from your EI weekly payment, even if it’s a holiday. It doesn’t seems too logical, but that’s the EI rule. So if you are traveling back to Canada on Monday, you will be deducted for that one day from your weekly benefit.

Remember, CBSA shares travel history with Service Canada. So if you come back on Sunday, you will not have the problem. This deduction applies to claimant on regular and sickness benefits. If you are on maternity/parental, it will not affect your benefit payment.

Receiving EI while outside of Canada

You may potentially receive regular EI benefits payment if you show that you are available for work in Canada while abroad.

You must also notify employment insurance program of your travel by:

  1. Completing an Out of Canada travel form through My Service Canada Account (MSCA) 
  2. or, by declaring your absence on your bi-weekly report that covers the week(s) of your travel.

You can stay outside of Canada for  7 consecutive days for the purpose of:

  • attending the funeral of a member of your immediate family or a close relative
  • accompanying a member of your immediate family to a medical facility, provided that the treatment sought is not readily available in the family member’s area of residence in Canada
  • visiting a member of your immediate family who is seriously ill or injured
  • attending a bona fide job interview

You can be away from Canada for 14 consecutive days for the purpose of conducting a bona fide job search.

You must ensure to indicate that you have taken measures to be reached if an employment opportunity presents itself during your absence and that you are able to return to Canada within 48 hours, we will accept that you have proven your availability. If not, you will not be paid for those week outside of Canada.