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Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, an EI claimant may not have the opportunity to reach out to EI call centre to seek their claim information. In this situation, you can appoint a third party person to have access to your claim information.

 You must complete the Individual’s consent to disclosure and/or use of personal information (INS3124) form or to provide a signed document authorizing the release of information.

The form or document must include the following information:

– Full name, address and telephone number of the third party person
– Name, Social Insurance Number, address of the EI client
– The requested information the EI client authorizes the third party to access (e.g. payment information, copies of a letter, itemized statement, or other claim file documentation)
– Duration of the authorization (from when to when)
– EI client’s signature and date

This authorization only allows for information to be provided to the third party. Third party person does not have authority to request any transactional request.

If you are an interpreter translating on the phone, you must provide client’s EI access code to call centre agent.

Giving consent to third party due to illness

If you are claiming Sickness benefit, you may appoint a representative to manage your claim. You must complete and submit the following form: Appointment of Representative (INS3280)

“Complete this form if you are unable to manage your claim for EI benefits due to health problems. A representative or a public trustee may be appointed to act on your behalf. You can mail or deliver this form to your local Service Canada Centre. Please be sure that you have signed the form or if you are incapable of doing so, that a physician has signed the form.”