The Canadian government announced the National School Food Program, investing $1 billion over five years to provide meals to an additional 400,000 children annually. This initiative, part of Budget 2024, aims to reduce child poverty and food insecurity, especially in vulnerable communities, and includes significant investments in Indigenous-led food solutions.
Full story: A National School Food Program to set kids up for success

Do you think Canada needs a National School Food Program?

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Am I allow to attend school while I’m on maternity leave? If yes, how will it affect my EI weekly payment?

You are entitled to attend training school during the period you collect maternity benefits (15 weeks only). If your training course overlap to parental benefit period, you must demonstrate to EI commission that your training activity does not interrupt your responsibility in taking care of the newborn baby.

Please call EI call centre to inform your status in order to keep an updated track of your EI file.

You may find details information on Service Canada website

“Digest of Benefit Entitlement Principles Chapter 12 – Maternity benefits”

“Digest of Benefit Entitlement Principles Chapter 13 – Parental benefits”