The Canadian government announced the National School Food Program, investing $1 billion over five years to provide meals to an additional 400,000 children annually. This initiative, part of Budget 2024, aims to reduce child poverty and food insecurity, especially in vulnerable communities, and includes significant investments in Indigenous-led food solutions.
Full story: A National School Food Program to set kids up for success

Do you think Canada needs a National School Food Program?

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When you are on EI Sickness benefits, you may be asked to submit your doctor’s note to Service Canada. Please do keep in mind that you need to retain your medical certificate for at least 6 years in case of an audit. Generally speaking, EI processing office will request EI claimant to submit a medical note if:

  1. EI claimant is converting the claim from regular EI to sickness EI benefits, or vice versa.
  2. When your sickness weeks is over 10 weeks.
  3. The reason for Separation code on the ROE is not illness (Code D).

Medical notes issued by:

– medical doctors
– surgeons

and the following professionals are acceptable:

– midwife (in the provinces and territories, except Prince Edward Island and the Yukon)
– optometrist
– chiropractor
– psychologist
– dentist
– podiatrists

– nurse practitioner (in all provinces and the territories, except the Yukon)
– registered nurse (in an isolated area where a doctor is not available)


Criteria for an acceptable medical note

Please ensure that your doctor indicates the necessary information on the medical note in order for EI processing office to validate your claim.

  1. Make sure the doctor writes the dates you are sick. From when to when inclusively.
  2. Make sure the patient’s name is indicated.
  3. The medical note contains the doctor’s office letterhead or official stamps.
  4. The doctor must sign and date the medical note (an electronic signature is acceptable)
  5. The message is clear and readable!

If the medical note is deemed unreadable or has missing critical information, EI processing office will not finalize your claim.